La Vie en Rose – Audrey Hepburn

La Vie en Rose as sung by Audrey Hepburn in the 1954 movie Sabrina which also stars Humphrey Bogart and William Holden.


Sabrina, daughter of a chauffeur who worked for the rich Larrabee family, grew up infatuated with David Larrabee, one of the two sons in the Larrabee family. However, David, a lazy, playboy personality, hardly takes notice of her although the shy Sabrina tries to get his attention.. One day, feeling disappointed, she decides to kill herself but was saved by the older Larrabee son, Linus, the somewhat cold, serious, business-minded personality who runs the family business.

Sabrina then decides to forget about David and start on a new life by going to Paris to learn to be a chef. A few years later, she returned a beautiful and sophisticated lady. Immediately, she captured David’s attention who then started to woo her. However, Linus, the older brother, became concerned as he was relying on David to marry an heiress and hence paving the way for a major business deal to take place.

To prevent Sabrina from jeopardising the business deal, when David was temporarily disabled by a minor accident, Linus offered his brotherly help to take care of Sabrina while David recuperates. Linus’s actual intent was to draw Sabrina away from David by pretending to woo her instead and to eventually send her back to Paris.

However, while spending time with Linus, Sabrina finds herself falling in love with Linus after getting to know him better. Linus, likewise, was beginning to fall in love with her although he tries to suppress his feelings as his ultimate objective was to get Sabrina out of the way so that his business objective is achieved. Finally, he decides to tell the truth and Sabrina decides to leave for Paris after feeling disillusioned with Linus.
Somehow, in the end, everything ends well as Linus at the last moment decides that real love is more important than business and chases after Sabrina while she was leaving on the ship to Paris.
Scene from Sabrina – “We have no bananas”.

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