Toselli Serenade

Enrico Toselli, Count of Montignoso, (March 13, 1883 – January 15, 1926) was an Italian pianist and composer. Born in Florence, he studied piano with Giovanni Sgambati and composition with Giuseppe Martucci and Reginaldo Grazzini. He embarked on a career as a concert pianist, playing in Italy, European capital cities, Alexandria and North America. His most popular composition is Serenata ‘Rimpianto’ Op.6 No.1.


Serenade by Toselli – Mario Lanza:

André Rieu & His Johann Strauss Orchestra performing Nightingale Serenade live in Maastricht:

English Lyrics:

Dreams and memories,
Are all that you’ve left me,
Only lonely thoughts,
About the one I worship and adore!

Dreams and memories,
Are what I must live with,
Sad remembering,
Of golden moments that exist no more!

Lovin’ arms to hold me tight,
And your lips to kiss goodnight,
A love that seemed ” Oh so right!”
And yet, somehow, went wrong!
Dreams and memories,
The moonlight on your hair,
Songs that we sang,
That feeling we shared whenever a church bell rang!

Oh, the memories and dreams of you!

I can’t live without you . . .
I’ll keep on praying you come back to me,
To me . . . to me!

Music by Enrico Toselli
with English lyrics by Carl Sigman

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