How To Have Younger Looking Eyes

Fix Droopy EyelidsThe process of aging causes our facial skin to gradually lose elasticity and the skin above the eye starts to sag, resulting in droopy eyelids. Our eyes then look sleepy, dull or tired, giving us an old and saggy look all the time. Unfortunately, the eyes are a focal point of attention when someone look at us or talk to us.

Saggy eyelids make our face look old and unattractive and is often a tell-tale sign of our age and aging. This can affect our confidence and self-esteem, especially when we are in a social gathering and in an environment where youngsters are prevalent. This often causes us to shy away from meeting people, especially people of the opposite sex.

Fix Droopy Eyelids Instantly Without Surgery

Droopy eyelid treatment can be effected by surgery but this comes at a price. Cost of surgery is not cheap and there is the risk of scarring and loss of sensitivity to the skin. The recovery time has also to be taken into account.

You can fix droopy eyelids instantly without the cost and inconvenience of surgery by using instant eye lift strips. This is a product designed to temporarily gently lift up your sagging eyelids and make your eyes look younger. Instantly, your eyes will look larger, giving you a brighter and younger look so that you can go out with higher confidence and zest.

Eye Lift_before and afterEye Secrets is an instant upper eyelid lifter that has been clinically proven to lift the upper drooping eyelids to make your eyes look brighter, more youthful and more alert. This is an invisible adhesive strip which you paste on the upper eyelid.

When the strip is positioned properly, it adds support to the skin of the eyelid, instantly producing the effect of an eye lift. The uplifted effect will last for 10 to 12 hours and they are easily removable. You can even apply the usual makeup over the adhesive strip.

Is it Safe To Use?

The eye lift tape uses a petroleum based gel to adhere firmly but gently to the upper eye lid and you will experience no discomfort or irritation. They are hypoallergenically tested and is generally safe for sensitive skin, unless you have an allergy to petroleum. Saggy eyelids affects everyone and the strips can be used by both women and men and are designed to fit all types, sizes and shapes of eyes.

These instant eyelid lift tapes do not fix drooping eyelids permanently. Once the sticker is removed, the upper eye lid skin will return to its original condition. However, although not a permanent solution, they are great if you are attending social functions or you can even use it everyday if you like, especially if you are a salesperson meeting clients often and where appearance matters.

Instant eye lift strip is the best option to get an eye lift without surgery. A droopy eyelid surgery generally costs a few thousand dollars and carries risks such as scarring and you may experience burning, tearing or itchy eyes, blurred or double vision after the surgery. Some complications may require additional eyelid treatment which will add on to the cost of surgery.

How to Get Rid of Wrinkles and Lines Under Eyes

under-eye_before and afterNow that you know how to fix sagging eyelids, you will also be wondering how to get rid of bags, lines and circles under eyes. Eye Secrets has an Under Eye Tightener which is a serum made from natural ingredients.

This under eye serum helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines by up to 92%. At the same time, bags, circles and puffiness under eyes are also reduced. No needles are required and it is very easy to apply. It works within a minute and the results last a full 10 -12 hours.

Under the current promotion, when you order the Upper Eyelid Lift and Under Eye Tightener together, you will get the Eye Lash Accelerator, which cost about $ 80, free. The eyelash growth accelerator helps you to grow long, thick, beautiful and luscious eyelashes, thereby eliminating the troubles with using false eyelashes or extensions.

How to Have Younger Looking Eyes

Eye Secrets is a combination of eye beauty products to enable you to have brighter and younger looking eyes. These products come as a full kit or sold separately, and they include:

Upper Eyelid Lift
Under Eye Tightener
Eye Lash Accelerator
Collagen and Q10 patches

Upper Eyelid Lift
•	Upper Eyelid Lift• Instant lift up droopy eyes
• Tested safe to use on the eyelid
• Gives a more youthful and radiant appearance.
• One size fits all – fits all eye shapes and sizes
• Quick and easy to apply
• Results last for a full 10 to 12 hours
• Used by celebrities and make-up artists

Under Eye Tightener
•	Under Eye Tightener• Serum made from natural ingredients
• Works within 1 minute
• Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by up to 92%
• Reduces under eye bags and puffiness
• Results last a full 10 to12 hours
• No Needles required

Eye Lash Accelerator
Eye Lash Accelerator• Stimulate real eyelash growth
• Helps you to grow long, thick, luscious and beautiful eyelashes
• Saves the hassles of using false eyelashes
• Clinically tested
• Results within 21 days
• Non-irritating formula
• Overnight treatment while you sleep
• Works also on eyebrows

Collagen and Q10 patches
collagen patches• Reduce under eye wrinkles and lines
• Reduce under eye dark circles and puffiness
• Reduce dry skin
• Give a younger, fresher, healthier and more radiant face
• Make the skin tighter and smoother
• Easy to Apply
• Results within 15 minutes

Prices for Collagen and Q10 patches can be found here.

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