Jill Stein’s Recount Effort Is Bad for Hillary Clinton

Looks like Green Party's Jill Stein has come under the Clinton Foundation's payroll to help Hillary Clinton steal the election. She's probably hoping to get a high position if Hillary really gets to become president. You can remember Hillary criticising Donald Trump for saying he may not accept the election results if he didn't win – now it appears that Hillary is not going to accept the results. She had even officially conceded her defeat. Now, this is typical Hillary hypocrisy – that she will say anything and do anything to win. That's how she became crooked and corrupt. Imagine this ageing, medically and physicall sick lady bent on winning when she know how sick she herself is and not fit to be the president of a superpower – a very demanding job that involves wars, even the worst scenario of nuclear war. Even Bernie Sanders is too old for this tough job. He looks too frail.

This is a mistake. Trump should also demand recount in those states where Clinton win narrrowly. The recounts could reveal tens of thusands, if not millions, of illegal Hillary voters – that's the only way Hillary could have won the popular vote despite her unpopularity. This recount effort by the Clinton camp could only impel Trump and his supporters to prosecute Clinton when Trump becomes president. It shows that if this highly ambitious and incorrigible is not sent to jail, she will always be a trouble maker to the Trump administration. The mistake would be to forgive and let the beast go and it will come back to bite.


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