What Causes A Curved Penis?

Some men have a curved penis during an erection. It can cause embarrassment as it can affect a man’s sexual activity, hence affecting his self esteem. The causes of a curved penis is sometimes attributed to Peyronie's Disease, named after Francois de la Peyronie who first described this penile disorder in 1743.

What Causes Peyronie's disease?

The causes of Peyronie's disease are not well understood but one of the main causes seem to stem from an injury to the penis which can be attributed to an accident or sexual activity which cause rupturing of small blood vessels inside the penis. However, not all men who have a penis injury develop Peyronie's disease. It is estimated that nearly 3 percent of the entire male population is estimated to be afflicted with Peyronie’s Disease.

During the process of recovery, trapped blood cells and other cells at the location of the injury lead to the buildup of scar tissues. This plaque of hardened tissues in the penis causes a restriction and prevents the penis from expanding correctly during an erection.

The corpus cavernosum (a sponge-like tube) that runs on each side of the penis contains many tiny blood vessels. During the state of sexual arousal, the blood flow to these chambers increases, filling it with blood. Each of the corpus cavernosa is encased in a sheath of elastic tissue called the tunica albuginea which stretches during an erection. In a normal erection, this leads to the penis expanding, straightening and stiffening.

In Peyronie's disease, when the penis becomes erect, the area with the scar tissues does not stretch, and the penis bends or becomes disfigured and this kind of erection may be painful. The result is a curvature at the point of restriction. A badly curved penis often causes discomfort or even pain during vagina penetration. A bent penis also makes certain sexual positions difficult to perform like the position with the woman on top.

However, in some cases of middle-age men, Peyronie's disease develop progressively and do not seem to be linked to any penis injury. Doctors are investigating whether Peyronie's disease might be linked to immune system disorders or certain kinds of medications. Some suspected medications belong to a class of blood pressure and heart medications called beta blockers.

Peyronie's Disease is not life threatening and some men do not need any treatment as the disease sometimes clears up by itself, although it may take several years. However, the condition can be progressive and leads to impotence or even the inability to have sexual intercourse. In severe cases of Peyronie's Disease, surgery is required.

However, some men have curved penis from a young age. A probable cause could be due to having erections while wearing tight underwear or pants which causes the restricted erected penis to curve and even go sideways.

Congenital Penile Curvature

Some people have congenital penile curvature, also called chordee. It means that they are born with this condition. The condition is often not noticed until the man reaches the age of maturity and he gradually realizes that the curvature of his penis in the erect state is abnormal. In most cases, this condition causes a curved penis in a downward direction.

A slight curve of the penis in the erect state is quite common and is considered quite normal. Surgeries for penile curvatures are usually carried out as a last option in cases where the curvature is acute enough to cause pain or discomfort during erection or during sexual intercourse. In such cases, the man may suffer from depression and exhibit symptoms of withdrawal from his sexual partner.

How to straighten a curved penis without surgery

A normal curvature can be reduced or corrected through exercising the penis. This is done by stretching the penis over a long period of time to straighten the penis. This can be done manually but manual stretching with the hands requires a substantial amount of time and manual effort and the results are slow. This means that manual stretching is a time consuming and tiring exercise.

Penile StraighteningA method to straighten a curved penis without getting sore hands and fingers is through the use of penis extenders or traction devices such as the Jes Extender. These penis stretchers can worn on the penis for a few hours a day even when you are at the work place. The principles of penis stretching not only helps to reduce or correct penile curvatures but also enlarge the penis size as well.

Another device which can help to straighten a curved penis is a penis pump, such as Penomet. This device, which is often used to assist men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction to achieve a penile erection, has been reported to have helped some users to correct their penile curvatures as well.

Treatment for Curved Penis

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