Erection Problems Create Unhappy Marriages

unhappy manSex is very important in a marriage because it helps to keep a close emotional and physical bond between partners. When a person suffers from erectile dysfunction, the other partner suffers too. Sometimes, it can lead to infidelity because a woman has sexual needs that somehow or eventually need to be fulfilled. When sexual desires are not fulfilled, couples start to drift apart emotionally and physically.

Sexual frustrations will lead to emotional problems and may eventually destroy a marriage. Without any doubt, sex is a great stress relief. Unhappy marriages easily lead to arguments and quarrels. It is essential to restore a man's sexual ability as it is important for his self-esteem which will lead to feelings of fullness rather than of emptiness.

When a person finds it difficult to attain an erection for sexual intercourse for a long period, mutual frustrations can be long term. Sex can become a frustrating challenge rather than fun and joy. Erectile dysfunction can affects men during and after midlife.

Causes of erectile dysfunction

Some causes of erectile dysfunction are due to health problems like heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and cancer. Other causes are excessive smoking and alcohol.

Another factor causing male impotence is attributed to mental health. Constant worries, work stress, depression, mental fatigue and frequent anxiety can lead to lack of interest in sexual activities. Emotional issues can cause anxiety and prevent the brain from getting into a relaxed state of mind to focus on sexual pleasure. Constant worries about work, health, money, and children often cause people to overlook the importance of sex.

To achieve an erection, the penis must be filled with blood and this condition is controlled by the brain. The brain helps send signals to deliver more blood flow to the penis to enable an erection. The brain plays a critical role in inducing a person into the mood for sex. Sexual thoughts are necessary to arouse the penis.

Erectile Dysfunction Herbal Supplement

MaleExtra-IngredientsWhatever your causes, one way to treat ED is to take a herbal male enhancement supplement such as MaleExtra which contain Pomegranate and L-Arginine. These two ingredients works like natural Viagra to help you to attain the erection you desire. Together with other proven ingredients, MaleExtra will help you to achieve longer-lasting, harder and bigger erections resulting in more intense climax.

For those who have problem achieving an erection, a penis pump is a quick fix. With this, a cylinder is fitted over the penis and the air is sucked gradually sucked out of the cylinder in a controlled manner; thereby creating a vacuum in the area around the penis, at the same time drawing blood into the penile shaft. This causes the penis to become erect. A special elastic band is then fitted at the base of the penis to trap the blood, thereby maintaining the erection. The cylinder is then removed.

It is not just for those with erectile dysfunction. Penis pumps have also been reported by some users with penile curvatures to be able to help straighten a curved penis.


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