How To Get Bigger Boobs Without Surgery


There are a few methods you can achieve natural breast enhancement. Surgery is not only costly, it also carries the risk of saline or silicone implant rupture which will lead to further complications and corrective surgeries. The following are a few ways used to get bigger boobs without surgery.

Breast Exercises
You can do regular exercises to increase breast size but the real effect is actually firming of the bust area. A firmer bust gives the appearance of a bigger breast. These exercises generally involve weight training to enhance the pectoral muscles under the breasts. This method may be free, but it takes up your energies and time.

Breast Enlargement Pumps
Using the action of pumping to create a vacuum suction on the breast, these pumps actually stretches the skin and tissues. The risk is that there may be over-stretching which can cause wrinkled, bruised, distorted skin, and even damage to the breast tissues. The inconvenience is that you need to wear them for several hours a day and it is costly as the approved types of such pumps tend to be very expensive.

Breast Enhancement Pills
In theory, such enhancement pills work but they are not cost effective in the long term as the actual amount of the effective ingredient being absorbed is small due to acid pH levels. Therefore, it may be many months before any improvement is visualised. There may also be the risk of side effects or allergies due to certain ingredients used in the long term.

Breast Enlargement Cream

Another method to achieve bigger boobs without surgery is the application of a breast enhancement cream. When the cream is massaged onto the breast, it gradually expand the adipose or fat tissues to give you a more rounded and bigger breast shape.

A breast enhancement cream that has been clinically proven to increase breast size naturally is Brestrogen. Made from a pure extract of the herbal plant Pueraria mirifica, usage of Brestrogen have shown to result in a significant change in breast englargement and firmness.

Pueraria mirificaPueraria mirifica, a tuber plant, has a long tradition in Thailand of use as a natural herbal breast enhancement for breast augmentation and lift and its renowned anti-aging and skin rejuvenating efficacies have led it being often referred to as the Elixir of Youth.

Nice breast in Red BraThis tuber is high in phytoestrogens which has possess the effects of oestrogen, the body’s main hormone for breast enlargement. Phytoestrogens increase the flow of blood and the distribution of oestrogen in the breast tissues, enhancing breast tissue growth, firmness, and shape. At the same time, it helps to make the skin softer and smoother.

Brestrogen breast cream comes in a 50ml airless dispensing bottle and is easy to use. The cream has proven to be safe to use on the skin and can be applied twice a day, preferably after bathing, and it can help to increase one cup bust size after 6 to 7 weeks of regular usage.


Having bigger breasts will definitely enhanced your sexual attractiveness.
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