How To Increase Ejaculate Load

If you are experiencing decreased semen volume, you may want to increase ejaculate load to enhance your orgasm to heighten your sexual pleasure. Another benefit of increasing semen volume is that it may help to increase your sperm count and thereby improving your chances of conception.

A decrease in semen volume is a natural part of ageing or it could also be due to emotional problems like depression. It could also be due to a poor diet or a deficiency in certain nutrients like zinc.

Zinc activates white blood cells to fight infections and helps the body to fight viruses. It is also needed for insulin production and carbohydrate metabolism. The mineral is vital in all aspects of male sexuality and reproduction, including hormone metabolism and balance, prostate function, sperm formation and motility.

Zinc is found in high concentration in the prostate gland and is vital in protecting against prostate cancer. Zinc deficiency can lower the immune system and lead to cognitive and hormonal functions. For males, zinc deficiency can lead to low testosterone and low sperm counts.
Testosterone is a male sex hormone that help to maintain a man's sex drive. A decrease in testosterone often occur as a man ages and is accompanied by a lowered sex drive. However, it is a misconception to attribute low sex drive solely to ageing.

In a study at the Wayne State University School of Medicine, it was found that young men who were placed on a zinc restricting diet for 5 months experienced a drop in testosterone whereas elderly men who were zinc-deficient, experienced increases in testosterone production.after taking zinc supplementation for a period of 6 months.

In a clinical study published in the medical journal Andrologia, Dr. H.G. Kynaston showed that infertile men who were given zinc supplements for 4 to 8 weeks are able to ejaculate more volume. In clinical tests as reported in the Indian Journal of Experimental Biology, it was shown that the sperm-producing organs of animals shrank dramatically when they were fed diets that were lacking in zinc.

How to increase semen volume

A way to increase ejaculate volume is to use pills such as Performer5, popular brand in the market. It is a semen volume enhancer containing effective ingredients to quickly increase volume of semen by as much as 500%, along with a thicker and harder erection. With a substantial increase in semen volume, the penis muscles will have to work harder and longer to pump out all the increased ejaculate load, thereby resulting in a longer and much more intense orgasm.

The Performer 5 ingredients are:

Zinc Aspartate & Zinc Gluconate, 150mg
PomegranateThe zinc content is massive enough to boost the production of the male sex hormone testosterone and increase seminal volume by as much as 5 times. Zinc Aspartate and Zinc Gluconate are two of the most easily absorbed forms of zinc.

L-Arginine, 500mg
Recent medical studies have shown that by taking just 5g of L-arginine a day, you can experience harder penile erections. L-arginine is an amino acid that is sometimes referred to as a natural Viagra. It can greatly enhance the level of nitric oxide in the body to increase the amount of blood that goes to the penis. More blood flow means a fuller and firmer penis.

Muira Puama, 300mg
muira-puamaSometimes called the Viagra of the Amazon, Muira Puama (botanical name Liriosma ovata) is traditionally used to improve sexual desire and treat erectile dysfunction. A French study done in 1990 revealed that Muira Puama had positive effects on men with erection problems.

Pomegranate 70% ellagic, 125mg
PomegranateHailed as a superfruit, pomegranates are high in antioxidant and nutritional benefits. Pomegranate is a natural Viagra and has been used successfully to treat erectile dysfunction.

Creatine Monohydrate
A popular supplement used by bodybuilders, Creatine Monohydrate helps to improve power, strength and muscle size. It helps to delay the onset of fatigue by buffering lactic acid during intensive workouts and reducing your recovery time.

DL-Malic Acid
Malic Acid helps to stimulate metabolism and increase energy production.

Users can try Performer5 risk-free as the company offers a 60-day guarantee. The current promotion is Buy-3-get-1-free, and Buy-4-get-3-free (subject to change). These promotional packages include a free bottle of ProErection, an instant erection gel. The product is shipped with discreet packaging and billing. If you would like to try Performer5 to attain more intense orgasm, you can purchase it from this link here.

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