Jes Extender Review | Does Jes Extender Really Work

Jes Extender deviceThe Jes Extender was the first modern penis enlargement device and was made by the Danish company DanaMedic in 1995. The penis enlargement device is probably named after its founder Jes Bech Muller and using it has enhanced the sex lives of over 250,000 men and is one of the most popular brand of penis enlarger device used.

This penis stretcher is obviously not a scam as it has been used by men all over the globe since 1995 and has been tried, tested and found to be safe to use by physicians. It eliminates the use of other painful, dangerous and quite frankly, useless penis enlargement methods including penis suction pumps and weights being used for stretching the penis.

Studies has shown that the JesExtender does indeed increase penis size and girth. Its use also encourages more blood flow through a larger penis resulting in harder and longer lasting erections. Besides enlargement, the device can also help to reduce or correct a curved penis.

A clinical test conducted on 18 men whose age range from 23 to 47 years of age produced an average enlargement of 1.1 inch (2.75 cm) of the length of their penis after 6 months of using the Jes Extender device with follow-up reviews every 2 weeks.

The result is equivalent to increase in penile length of 28 % while some subjects had even attained an enlargement of more than 40 % with the traction device.

This device fits around the penis comfortably and will not interfere with day to day life and can be worn under loose clothes and remain unmarked and is even comfortable enough to be worn in bed at night.

One size fits all so no matter what your original size may be you can get to a size increase of up to 3 inches. The enhancement results depend on the frequency and duration of wearing the device. For the best results, the device should be regularly worn for six months although as the effects of the enlargement are permanent, a break from using this enlarger should not affect your final resultant size of penis.

The Way Jes Extender Works

How Jes Extender WorksThe extender works by pulling the penis under gentle stretching which in turn causes mass cell production in your penis and increasing the size of it. This is the same as exercising your biceps’; as you lift more weights regularly, your biceps will become larger gradually.

When the penis is gently pulled, small tears in the cells tissues are created. These tears lead to cell duplication in which more cells are formed and this gradually increases the tissues of your penis and the new size becomes permanent.

Jes Extender KitThere are basically six models to choose from. The lowest price model is suitable for penis length of up to 6.7 inches (17cm). The other models come with enhanced quality and materials. All models come with protection pad and instructional DVD.

The traction device Is delivered with discreet packaging and carries a guarantee that it will work for you or you will get your money back twice. Details of this guarantee can be found on the website.

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