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The Male Edge penis extender is made by the company that invented the very first penis enlarger, the Jes-Extender, in 1994 which became one of the best penis enlargement device of all time. Now the company has gone a step forward by producing an affordable and yet very effective model.

Male Edge penile extenderThis device work with a starting length that ranges from 2 inches to 11 inches, appealing to all men, whatever their penis size. On an average, men using the device can expect an increase in size of 28% in length and 19% in girth. So, if your penis length is currently 7 inches, you can expect it to grow to 9 inches when used according to instructions. When used beyond 6 months, the penis will continue to grow bigger.

Like other penis traction devices such as SizeGenetics, it works on the principle of cell division or duplication to achieve penis enlargement. Cell division is a process in which one mature parent cell divides into two or more genetically identical daughter cells. Almost all of our body parts, cells or tissues are dependent on cell division for growth, reproduction and increase in size and mass.

When the penis is gradually stretched, it creates spaces between cells, triggering a natural response for the existing cells to divide to fill the new spaces. This cell duplication creates healthy new cells in the penis and when the stretching process is carried out regularly over a period of time, it gradually make your penis grow bigger in length and in girth.

Penis stretching helps to straighten a curved penis

A good effect of penis stretching is that it also helps to straighten a curved penis. A bent penis can be attributed to congenital penile curvature or Peyronie's disease. For a congenital penile curvature, the curvature is often not noticed until the man reaches sexual maturity and gradually realise that his penis curve is not normal.

An injury to the penis is believed to be one of the causes of Peyronies disease. The disease can develop in men in their middle ages and likely causes are attributed to the use of certain medications over a period of time or immune system disorders. Some curvatures are severe enough to affect a man's sex life which can lead to emotional distress or depression.

Penis enlargement through stretching is permanent and for the best results, the person has to wear the penis extender everyday for a few hours (about 6) for a period of a few months. You can wear the device with your pants on, preferably loose trousers or shorts.

You can wear the extender device when you are working if your job does not require much physical movement. You can also wear it while you are sleeping although too much uncontrolled twisting and turning during sleep can make wearing the device difficult for some men.

This penile enlarger is suitable for penises of any sizes and is suitable for both circumcised and uncircumcised penises. If you happen to get an erection while wearing the device, the device will either adjust to the angle of your erection or glide off smoothly and painlessly.

For those interested to buy Male Edge, take note that there are 3 models offered – the Basic, Extra and Pro models. The Basic model contains the penis extender, a ruler, rubber strap and instructional DVD. The Extra model includes 2 rubber straps and a protection pad. The Pro version includes 4 rubber straps, 2 replacement pads and cohesive gauze.

With more than 10 years of experience in the market, the company is so certain of the effectiveness of their extenders that it offers a Double Refund Guarantee so that buyers can buy the device with complete confidence. The product is also shipped out in anonymous packaging to ensure discreet purchase for buyers.


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