Do Penis Extenders Work?

Also referred to as a traction device, this device was originally invented to correct a bent or curved penis and doctors soon realized that besides being able to straighten a curved penis, it also helps to increase penile size as well. This shows that penis extenders really work to make your penis bigger.

This is a small device worn on the penis under clothes and it is not visible. When worn, it applies a steady tension on the penis and in the process of stretching, spaces between cells are created, triggering a natural response for the cells to divide to fill the spaces. This cell duplication in which new healthy cells in the penis are created over a period of time will gradually enhance the length as well as the girth (circumference).

Neck StretchingThe principles of traction has been practiced for centuries. A well-known example is the practice of stretching the neck by the Kayan tribe in Burma (Myanmar) by placing brass coils around the neck to create long necks which to them is a symbol of beauty. Early examples of penile stretching were practiced by certain African tribesmen who hang weights to their penis to increase the size. This practice of elongation can cause pain and severe injuries to the penis.

Then there is the technique of jelqing practiced by the Arabs to enlarge the penile size. Jelqing involves using the hand to stretch the penis in a milking motion while the it is in a semi-erect state. If you have tried this before, you will realize that jelqing is a time consuming technique which can be very tiring and results are very slow. Although a method that does not require any monetary expense, the jelqing technique requires a lot of patience, time and manual effort.

How to choose the best penis extender that works

To ensure the best results, choose a proven penis extender that ensures safety, comfort of use, good quality of materials used and effectiveness. The best is to choose a traction device that uses Medical Type 1 materials and is a certified medical device which has been assessed under the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC.

Check that the manufacturer has provided all the necessary information on their website with regards on the use and safety of the product. Look at the manufacturer's website for clinical studies, medical endorsements, before and after photos.

Guarantees are a good way of assessing the confidence of the manufacturer. The longer the guarantee, the more assured you are of feeling confident in using a product that really works.

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