Does Penis Size Matter To Women?

SizeGeneticsIn 2000, a study was done on 50 women at the University of Texas-Pan American and the results revealed that 45 of the women indicated that penis girth was significant in sexual satisfaction. This is attributed to the fact that a bigger girth fills more of the vagina walls and creates more sexual sensation during penetration.

It is generally known that penis size matter to women as women find sex more pleasurable feeling the fullness of a bigger penis. It is no secret that some older women resorted to surgically tightening their vagina muscles to enhance sexual enjoyment.

Sexual activity is still important in a couple's later years as a better sexual bond helps to maintain a close relationship through the long years. A negative sexual relationship is one of the causes of disharmony in a marriage, sometimes leading to divorce.

Are men really concerned about their penis size?

History has shown that penis size matter to men. The ancient pharaohs of Egypt have been known to hang weights on their penis to make them longer to increase their sexual pleasure. As long as two thousand years ago, African men has been known to hang weights to their penis to increase their penile lengths. Simply said, the size of a man’s penis adds to his private esteem.

As the world modernizes, sexual attitudes gradually become more liberal and the subject of sexual health becomes more discussed. A heightened awareness of sexual activities and habits has led men to look for ways to increase penis size to enhance their sex lives, much the same way as our taste buds long for better food. For some men, the penis is a big part of their ego.

How to make your penis larger

The practice of hanging weights to increase penile size is considered too dangerous as it can cause damage to the penis. There is also the method of using a vacuum pump to enlarge the penis. While this method works, the effect is only temporary. Besides, there are negative effects like bleeding, the feeling of numbness at the point of constriction and even painful ejaculation.

While popping pills may be easy, you need to be aware if there are side effects, especially the cheap penis enlargement pills. You have probably read in the newspapers of men who had ended up in the hospitals with serious side effects after consuming penis enlargement pills for a certain period. Instead of enhancing your ego, you may end up with a bruised ego and having to spend your hard-earned money to repair your damaged organs.

So while men are aware of the benefits of a bigger penis, they should go for a safe and tested method. Penis enlargement surgeries, while producing results, is costly and complications include scarring, infection, bleeding, reduction in penis girth and even reduced sensitivities.

SizeGenetics Penis Extender

Penis Extender – SizeGenetics

Compared to surgery, a relatively inexpensive and safer method is the use of a penis extender or traction device such as SizeGenetics. It works on the principle of cell duplication. When worn, the device applies a controlled stretching tension on the penis. This creates spaces between cells, triggering a natural response for the cells to divide to fill the new spaces created. Due to the new cells created, there is an increase in penile length as well as in penis girth and the results are permanent.

When buying penis extenders, safety and comfort is very important since you need to wear this for a few hours a day (at least 4 hours) for a few months. It is important to buy a penis extender that is medically approved and certified, and has been clinically tested. The best is to buy from a manufacturer that has already been in the market for a long time and is able to offer a guarantee that their penis traction devices work as they claim.


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