How To Straighten A Curved Penis

Having a curved penis may indicate that you have Peyronie’s disease which is characterized by a plaque, or hard lump, that forms on the erection tissues of the penis, thus causing the penis to bend in an abnormal angle.

While it is not life threatening, Peyronie’s disease can ruin a man's sex life as the bent can be severe enough to make penetration difficult or even impossible. A married man with this disease may exhibit depression symptoms and withdrawal symptoms when it comes to intimacy, thus putting a strain on the marriage as sex is an important part of a long lasting marriage.

In severe cases, surgery may be required to straighten a bent penis. But due to the complications that may result, surgery is considered a last option. Considerations have to be given to the high cost of surgery and the complications involved which include infection, penile hematoma (blood clotting outside blood vessels), a narrowing of the penis, reduced sensitivities, erectile dysfunction and a shortening of the penis.

There is no guarantee that the penile curvature will be fully corrected. After surgery, the operated area has to be kept clean and dry for at least 5 weeks and the patient is instructed not to engage in sexual activities of any kind for up to eight weeks.

An erect penis with a slight curvature is considered to be quite normal and does not warrant surgical correction. Some babies are born with this condition while some boys developed penile curvature at a young age. A probable cause could be due to having erections while wearing tight underwear or pants during the early stages of adolescence which cause a restricted erected penis to curve or go sideways, which gradually took on a crooked or curved erection even when there is no clothing restriction.

A method to straighten a bent penis that is slightly curved is by doing penis straightening exercises or qelqing which involves manually pulling and stretching the penis outwards. While this is a free method, qelqing is very tiring and time consuming. After a several minutes of gripping, pulling and stretching the penis, the strain on the fingers, wrist and arms means that this is a tiring exercise. To get some results, a man has keep doing this regularly over a long period of time and the results are slow.

traction device helps penile curvaturesThe easier way to fix a curved penis by a pulling method without getting sore hands and arms is to use a penis extender or stretcher such as the Jes Extender.  Also called a penis traction device, it is worn on the penis and it creates a controlled traction force that gradually breakdown the penile tissues and forcing new tissues to grow.

A traction device not only helps to straighten a curved penis but it actually helps to enlarge the penis as well. It can be worn over your clothes while you are at work and it is a good option compared to the costly and risky surgery or the time consuming and tiring manual penis straightening exercises.

Another device which may help to straighten a curved penis is a penis pump. This device, which is often used to help men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction to attain an erection, has been reported by some users to have been able to help to correct penile curvatures.



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