Trump Needs to Pursue Charges Against Clinton

It is just reported that Trump would not pursue charges against Hillary Clinton; that she has suffered enough and it is time for her to heal. Really? This hypocritical woman had commited so many political crimes  for so many years that she is beyond healing and forgiveness. This is a self-centered, incorrigible, greedy woman corrupt to the core.

Is Trump going against his election promise to lock Hillary Clinton up? If so, he will be seen as betraying the trust of a very significant group of Trump supporteres who had voted for Trump inspired by his "Lock Her Up" slogan. There are the people who came out to vote to get rid of corrupt politics that has pervaded American politics and justice system, especially under Obama's office term, and to see justice done. These people will definitely protest strongly, perhaps even in the streets, for Trump to lock her up..

During the presidential debate, Trump was even saying he was going to pursue investigating Hillary's email scandal. It is very important that Trump carries out on his words otherwise he may lose trust of his supportes and even fail to win a second term of office. Then, these people may decide to switch votes or not to vote at all, especially if Hillary is competing again – this is not likely given her poor health and advanced age – but then who knows – this woman is terribly ambitious. She even go to great lengths during the presidential campaign to try to hide her present health problems from the American people who are not easily fooled. Come to think of it, if Hilllary is still alive in four years time and competing again, then Trump will really regret no locking her up when he has the opportunity to do so earlier.

Or is he saying this for the intent of national unity, especially in the face of violent protests by Clinton supporters. Or is it a smart ploy by Trump to placate Obama to deceive Obama to buy time till his inauguration so that Obama will not try to pardon Hillary in his last days of office; and then Trump will say he has change his mind and decide to prosecute Hillary. Or Trump will instead pursue investigation into the corrupt Clinton foundation and the scandalous Anthoy Weiner emails – that would still be enough to send Hillary, including Bill Clinton, to jail.


The people are already beginning to feel betrayed and angry….







Remember what Trump said during his campaign. The people will be very "furious" if Trump lets crooked Hillary off the hook so easily.