How To Use A Penis Extender

Penis Extender - SizeGenetics

Penis Extender – SizeGenetics

Below is a general guide on how to use a penis extender which is a small device that you wear on your penis even while at work. It can be worn over your trousers but loose pants or shorts is preferred to help conceal the device better.

While designs of penis extenders from different manufacturers may differ slightly, the parts and working principle involved to make the penis larger are generally the same. The price range would depend on the quality of the materials and the design of the penis traction device. To check out the price of two popular brands in the market which offer money-back guarantees, click here for Jes Extender and click here for SizeGenetics.  Jes Extender, the original male enhancement product in the market, offers a double-refund guarantee while SizeGenetics offers a 6-month guarantee.

Extender when worn over penis

Extender when worn – Jes Extender

The device basically consists of two rings which are placed at the base and head of the penis. These rings, either plastic or silicone, are linked by two thin bars which run along the length of the penis.

The first thing you need to do is to select the right length of the traction rods that fit the length of your penis. Then insert the penis into the penis extender through the base ring right up to the base of the penis.

Place the soft rubber comfort strap on the head of the penis and pull the head ring gently to secure the head ring to the penis head. Make sure that the grip on the penis head is firm enough so that the head ring does not slip out easily, but at the same time it should not be painful to wear. Once secured, the next step is to adjust the traction (pull) of the extender.

The stretching is done by adjusting the knobs on the two thin bars that run along both sides of the penis length. Make sure that you feel comfortable with the degree of the traction pull. For first timers, you should adjust the traction to a low level in the beginning to get used to the sensation of the stretching first.

You may wish to use the penis extender for up to 4 hours in the beginning for the first week to get used to it first. After that, to attain better results, you should wear the device for at least 5 to 6 hours a day. Remember that after the stretching, you should relax the penis for a few hours for it to recover. A beneficial side effect of using these devices is its ability to help straighten a curved penis. A curved or bent penis appears shorter than it actually is.

Safety Precautions when wearing the penis extender

When you are beginning to use it, do not wear this device for more than four hours (divided in several shorter sessions) a day. When you are getting used to it, you can gradually wear it for up to 6 hours. You may wish to stop using the device for one day each week to allow the penis to heal.

The penis stretcher should have a comfort strap to lessen the discomfort of wearing the device. The grip on the penis head should be firm enough to prevent the device from slipping out but not too tight to cause pain.

Although it can be worn when you are sleeping, it is not advisable to do so as unconscious movements of the body during sleep may cause accidental injury. You are advised not to wear the device while engaged in physical exercises or sports.

When you have achieved your gains and wish to stop wearing the traction device, it is advised to do it gradually. If you have been using the device for 6 hours for some time, you should gradually reduce the usage to 4 hours for one week, 2 hours for the following week and then 1 hour for the next week. Last of all, if you are not sure how to use a penis extender correctly, contact the support desk of the manufacturer.

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