Weightloss With Pure Hoodia Gordonii

Hoodia Gordonii Hoodia Gordonii is a cactus-like succulent plant that is grown mostly in the Kalahari desert region of Southern Africa that covers parts of South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Angola. The San bushmen of the Kalahari Desert in South Africa have been known to use it for centuries as an appetite suppressant and a treatment for ingestion. They consume the stem of the plant while on days-long hunting trips in the desert to stave off hunger as there are little sources of food in the sparse semi-desert areas. Experiments carried out on rats have shown that those rats that were given Hoodia did eat less food compared to those that were not.

The plant was discovered by Dutch explorer Robert Jocob Gordon in 1779 near the Orange River, the longest river in South Africa.. Part of the plant's name is attributed to his name. The other part of the plant's name was named after Van Hood, a keen succulent grower of that period.

Of the thirteen types of the Hoodia plant, only the Hoodia Gordonii species has the active ingredient P57 found in the core (aerial stem) of the plant which is responsible for appetite suppression. The rest of the plant – its flowers, leaves and roots essentially has no weight loss benefits.

This plant grows naturally in the Kalahari desert region of Southern Africa. Grown in the wild, the plant's life is about 15 years. Cultivated under  ideal conditions, the plant can live up to 25 years. It can survive in extreme heat of up to 40 degree C and even in low temperatures of up to minus 3 degrees.


For those who are contemplating achieving weightloss with pure Hoodia gordonii diet supplements, you are advised not to go on a starvation diet. Eat sensibly and adequately for your required daily energy levels. Hoodia appears also to have the ability to quench thirst. Bearing in mind this possible side effect, consumers are advised to consume adequate amounts of daily fluid intake. Pregnant women and people having liver or heart problem, diabetes or high blood pressure are advised not to take this supplement.

Beware of Cheap Hoodia

Hoodia Gordonii takes 5 to 7 years to mature before it can be harvested. Due to its high demand and limited supply, consumers need to be aware of cheap Hoodia products that has surfaced in the market. Real and pure Hoodia Gordonii tablets from South Africa are never cheap.

If you are looking for  pure Hoodia gordonii tablets, you need to be aware of fake hoodia which could be from other species of the plant. Among the many species of the plant, only the species Hoodia gordonii contains p57, the compound that is actively responsible for suppressing your appetite.

Hoodia gordonii can be found in a few countries but the ones from South Africa are reputed to be of the best quality. However, years of over-harvesting has resulted in this specie becoming endangered. Continued high demand has led to higher prices and  products that are not pure and even fake.

Some consumers are misled by products that claim to contain pure hoodia but when you look at the prices, they appear too cheap to be true. Pure hoodia is never cheap as the plant takes up to 5 years to grow before it can be harvested. Worse, some online sites are selling not only cheap hoodia, but they are promoting "buy-1-get-one-free" offers which are too cheap to be real. Unwary consumers inevitably ended up wasting their money and disappointed when they are not achieving the real results that they anticipate.

Laboratory findings by Alkemist Pharmaceuticals had shown that at least 80% of Hoodia products in the market are not pure and even mixed with other inferior filler substances just to add up to the weight of the pills or tablets.


UniqueHoodia weightloss supplements

UniqueHoodia weightloss supplements

To get real weight loss results, you are advised to buy these supplements which come with certifications. A brand such as UniqueHoodia offers certified 100% pure Hoodia gordonii that comes with the USDA Organic Certification, Cites Certificate and Certificate of Analysis.

What these certifications prove are that the farms where the the plant is grown have met the requirements for USDA Organic certification and that the hoodia gordonii is certified 100% pure from South African farms which are of the best quality in the world. These certifications can be viewed on their website. The manufacturer also offers a 180-day money back guarantee for orders above 3 boxes.

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